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3 Rules to Making Your Status Updates Interest Piquing for Facebook and Twitter

3 Rules to Making Your Status Updates Interest Piquing for Facebook and Twitter

john hagee august 30 2016

Facebook and Twitter give you an immense opportunity to share information. With fields that easily tempt you like “what are you doing?” and “what’s on your mind?” it seems like you can literally share anything! And tragically some people do share nearly everything!

The flexibility of what you can share through social networking has made it the joke on many television stations and newspapers. This wide open nature of sharing has also contributed to its rapid growth. With just the top two social networks there are well over 700 million people involved. With many new businesses launching social marketing campaigns, they are wondering, what should I say? What should my business say that will attract attention? How can my status update pique interest to generate more sales? How can I get more conversations going about my products and services?

It’s not a quick question to ask. The quick answer of what NOT to do is “don’t sell all day every day”. No one wants to be pitched to constantly. To give those who have “liked” your page and even those who follow you something to engage with we invite you to consider the following items when creating interest piquing status updates:

  1. Common Questions – For inspiration look at your “frequently asked questions” section of your website. Those questions you get asked all day long can be transformed into interest piquing questions. Don’t merely provide the answers, spice them up and give them an edge that would compel someone to want to find out more.
  2. Sharing Links – Links give those you are connected to something to engage in. They can click links that go back to your website or even an article that you feel will help them. Mix up the links that you share. Sharing only links that go back to your website will ensure that you won’t be receiving valuable clicks for too long.
  3. Adding Value – With only 140 characters to share, you might think, how can I add value with just a small amount of space? You can share tips, tricks, and even small portions of a testimonial in 140 characters. Use your space wisely and you will keep people coming back for more.

When you write status updates that pique interest, encourage people to share, and add value you will create a social networking presence that generates sales daily.

Discover how you can use status updates as part of your Facebook Marketing strategy.

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3 Rules to Making Your Status Updates Interest Piquing for Facebook and Twitter

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