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7 Twitter Do’s and Don’ts Your Company Should Follow

7 Twitter Do’s and Don’ts Your Company Should Follow

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Twitter is one of the most utilized social media among many others; but sadly it is also one of the most misused. These missteps when not given attention to may leave you and your company doing more harm than good. Perchance the major mistake businesspeople make is posting updates for their company social media site despite the fact that they are in the off beam mind set.

While it has been quite the practice of many people to post on twitter while they are bitter – talk about celebrity breakups made known through tweets these celebs make; it isn’t proper to adapt such practice when it comes to your business twitter page.

Here are some twitter do’s and don’ts that can help guide you post updates for your business twitter page:


1… thoughtlessly tweet complaints, criticisms and protests with customers, or even business competitors. Twitter is a public forum, thus, airing such negative posts would be a very unprofessional thing to do.

2… associate private messages with your company’s marketing messaging. Remember, this is not your personal twitter account; use your personal twitter account for personal exchange of messages with your friends and acquaintances.

3… program posting updates of similar content through several networks.

4… post about political rants. When something in the television daily news pissed you off, avoid ventilating your negative political ideas through your twitter page.

5… put too much emphasis on your company’s products. Although you are marketing your company through twitter, head-on highlighting of what your company sells on twitter is a major no-no.

6… disregard your followers comments and shout outs. When your followers give a comment or tags you to a specific link, it is professional and appropriate to always give feedback.

7… leave your twitter account empty. Always provide regular updates for your followers.


1… make time with engaging in conversation with followers rather than simply posting marketing updates for your company.

2… contemplate tweeting appropriate sentiments, links and pictures about your business that will really ignite interest among your twitter followers.

3… modify your approach to the proper means to avoid irritating other twitter users.

4… think through prior to posting contents that can be recalled by search engines.

5… engage in political discussions that are pertinent to your business with your followers

6… make separate twitter accounts for your personal friends and for business connections.

7… provide fresh content regularly to your twitter followers.

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7 Twitter Do’s and Don’ts Your Company Should Follow

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