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All About Instant Messengers

All About Instant Messengers

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IMs (Instant Messengers) are regarded an essential communication and business tools today. You have to sign up with one of the IMs to use that particular service-for example, you cannot use Yahoo! Messenger with a Hotmail account and vice-versa. It is a fact that there are some IM clients that allow any account to be used but they are not the best ones.

You have really two options here. Either sign up for all available IMs, or stick to the IM you feel suits you the best. There is no harm in signing up with the leading IMs because they cost you nothing, and it doesn’t hurt to have an ID even if you rarely use it.

IMs are great for communication. Connect to friends or business associates whether they are a few cubicles or a few continents away! Just don’t forget to match the time zones and you are soon on the communication expressway! You can also share files and photos while you chat and play games with the other person. You feel yourself literally to be there-just that it’s virtual.

An IM is a good business tool as well. It’s a good idea to include it on your business card. It matters little whether you are self-employed, a businessman or an employee of a company. Harnessing the power of the IMs can save your company or you a lot of money for communication. Consider how is this better than e-mail? For one, instant messaging happens in real time. Say, you want to coordinate with a client sitting a couple of hundred or thousand miles away, you could save on long distance calls by using an Instant Messenger.

Some of the popular IMs are MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. All you need to do is sign up. The services are absolutely free, and you also get an e-mail address. Hotmail has recently increased their mailbox size to GB, and Yahoo! gives you a 1 GB mail account as well. However, don’t forget to check up on which of the two is more used within your contacts.

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All About Instant Messengers

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