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Build a Niche Store – Why it Pays to Be an eBay Parter

Build a Niche Store – Why it Pays to Be an eBay Parter

The Build a Niche Store is probably one of the most talked about website turnkey solutions online today and in this article, I am going to discuss why affiliate marketers love BANS sites. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced marketer or a complete novice, the Build a Niche Store Concept has been proven to be a solid money maker and the perfect solution for a turnkey business online.

If you have ever tried been shopping and did a Google search for the product you were looking for, chances are you have run into a build a niche store without realizing it. You may have even seen something you liked and clicked the link only to be taken to ebay. Basically, a BANS site looks a lot like an auction site, with various items within a particular niche. From a technical standpoint, the build a niche store is typically nothing more than an eBay portal.

Why BANS site owners love Build a Niche Stores

Affiliates really love creating BANS sites and for more reasons than simply making money….

  • Build a site is very quick and that means that an affiliate can build tens or hundreds of sites in just a matter of weeks– Building a BANS site is very easy because the content you place on your site is not really your content at all but a feed directly from eBay using certain search criteria. In other words, you do a little research and then do a search on eBay for your item, grab the RSS feed and you are done. Nothing is simpler and most affiliates can propagate a niche site with a hundred or so pages in as little as a couple hours.
  • BANS stores have extremely high conversion rates– There are some BANS site owners that are producing 40-50% conversion rates. This is remarkable and the reason is simple. Most of the keywords are very targeted and are the ones that are used on the tail end of what the customer is researching. For instance, let’s say someone wants to buy a dog collar. They may start with a search for dog collar…then petco dog collar….and finally black “brand name” dog collar. By catching the customer at the tail end of their research, you have a targeted customer that is looking for something very specific and guess what? Chances are if the price is right, then they will convert to become a buyer!
  • BANS stores require very little research work and therefore the novice affiliate marketer can enter and instantly start to make money- Because the people who find your site are using very targeted long tail keywords, the chances of getting ranked high in the search engines are greater which in turn yields a higher payout in the long run.
  • BANS stores can be run straight out of the box- There are very clear instructions that come with BANS stores making it extremely easy to follow even for those who don’t know much about building a website. Someone who is completely new to BANS can get a site up and running in less than an hour.
  • Because auctions are starting and ending every minute, your site is updating itself!– In other words, you can build a few pages in just a few minutes and set it and forget it. The BANS software does the rest. Because your site is constantly updating, the search engine spiders will live at your site and update your content for you. Basically, it is like having constantly updated content for your site!

The Build a niche store concept is absolutely a god send for anyone who wants to make money online but doesn’t want to be weighed down by the usual work that it takes to build a site up. This makes BANS the perfect solution for either the experienced marketer who wants to add another money making element to their portfolio or a novice marketer who simply wants to make money online doing the least amount of work possible.

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Build a Niche Store – Why it Pays to Be an eBay Parter

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