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Dirty Persuasion. Persuasive Methods Of The Worlds Most Controversial Comedian

Dirty Persuasion. Persuasive Methods Of The Worlds Most Controversial Comedian

“I dedicate this book to the followers of Christ and his teachings; in particular to a true christian-Jimmy Hoffa-because he hired ex convicts-as I assume, Christ would have.”

Ah, Lenny Bruce.

The most controversial comedian of all time.

..And for good reason to.

Lenny was in your face about everything that and it offended everyone at the age of his time.

Lenny used a form of direct marketing to make fun of hypocrisies at the time.

Those issues were racism, drugs(mainly marijuana) war, religion and government and Lenny Bruce attacked them with scathing abandon.

The press was never kind to Lenny and bashed him all the time.

They dubbed him a “Dirty,” comedian.

He rattle the social cages that locked in everyone’s thinking.

Lenny planted a seed that buried itself with soon to be comedians that knew the world was in bad place and didn’t know how to vent about it.

In other words…
..Lenny got people to think.

And of course whenever you rocked the boat you get people that hate you for it.

Lenny was shocking before shocking was a thing.

Which brings me to…
… Shock in your marketing.

When I say “shock,” I’m not talking about having something that outright offends the crap out of your potential prospects.

I’m talking about what good ole Uncle John Carlton says,

“Your ad has to shake your prospect out of his zombie like state.”

Think of this headline from a control that I found in my mom’s stack of newspapers,.

The New Way To Poop!”

It’s a bit shocking with a bit of beet red blushy stuff.

The ad copy was about a health formula that allowed people to have smooth healthy bowel movements.

Think about this for a second.

Using the restroom to vacate your insides is a private thing.

No one talks about it and it isn’t a topic of conversation… unless it’s with a medical professional but lets not get the copywriting train sidetracked here.

Someone who reads this headline who is a bit shy on the popping side is going to be like, “Oh my god! What is this?!” and have no choice to read what this is all about.

And then imagine someone who has bowel problems.

They read this and think, “Hm, I could use this information right now!”

Your marketing has to be the type of marketing that shocks the reader out of his zombie like state and forces them to read…
..And if your copy is good… they’re going to buy.

Think of what might shake your prospect.




Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R.

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Dirty Persuasion. Persuasive Methods Of The Worlds Most Controversial Comedian

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