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Embed Video Playlists For Higher Page Rankings

Embed Video Playlists For Higher Page Rankings

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It seems like everyone is excited about improving the page rankings of their web pages by embedding contextually related videos. But most people are completely overlooking the power of the video playlist. The difference is noteworthy in terms of the total amount of time your visitors actually spend on your web pages.

What has time duration got to do with your page rankings? Suffice it to say that search engines factor this in when they determine the value of your web pages.

Have you ever seen those Internet videos that automatically load the next video in sequence without you having to lift a finger? Well, what you experienced was a video playlist. Video playlists enable you to show one video after another to your visitors and viewers in a sequence that you determine without them having to do anything.

An Ideal Scenario:

1. A new visitor arrives at your web page.

2. They notice you have an embedded video and decide to watch it.

3. They end up spending more time at your web page because of the video.

4. They notice that the first video is followed by a second video automatically.

5. Your visitor stays for the next video in the playlist, and so on.

6. Search engines record the amount of time your visitor spends on your web pages.

7. They also factor the amount of time into their page ranking of your web page.

8. Consequently, web pages with videos often rise faster and higher in rank.

9. This results in more free traffic to your web pages with videos.

10. All things remaining equal, the entire cycle repeats itself on a larger scale.

Video Playlists and “Scalability”:

There is another very practical reason for embedding video playlist players, and it actually has more to do with “scalability” than anything else.

If, for example, you have ever uploaded a large video file to an Internet video site, you already know that it can take a very long time to upload. But it can also take a long time to download that file when your visitors are watching it. Even worse, long videos can bog down servers very quickly. That’s why most video sites will not accept videos that are longer than ten minutes.

Video Playlists are Great for Training Videos:

Let’s say you have an hour-long series of training videos that you want to upload. You can upload the segments and link them together as a video playlist. Then your visitors will be able to see the entire hour-long training.

The end result will basically be the same as if they saw it as one hour-long video, of course, because the playlist serves up the next video as needed in the sequence automatically.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that “How To” and training videos are among the most popular videos on the Internet, and playlists are a great way to deliver them.

So as you can see, video playlists provide a great solution for the “scalability” issue. Suddenly, the possibilities are unlimited in terms of duration of the video content that you can deliver to your visitors. Better still, they can enjoy all of it without having to click to another page to see the next video.

Added Bonus:

If you make your playlists “embeddable,” your visitors can even embed them into the HTML code of their own web pages. Of course, this ultimately means even more free traffic for you. The Internet video hosting sites where your videos are located also like it when you make your videos and playlists embeddable, because this ultimately means more traffic for them as well.

In Summary:

Web pages with embedded videos seem to skyrocket in the search engine listings. By embedding video playlists into your web pages, you can increase the duration of time that your visitors stay at your web pages. A single video may keep your visitor’s interest for ten minutes. But a playlist can remove the ten-minute time constraint, because you can make a playlist as long as you need it to be. As your viewers watch one video after another, the search engines also take note. Consequently, longer visits can result in higher page rankings and even more free search engine traffic for you.

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Embed Video Playlists For Higher Page Rankings

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