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Experience With Indian Matrimonial Sites

Experience With Indian Matrimonial Sites

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Nowadays, we can understand why people choose to get married. Surprisingly, we can see a moment when everyone around us expresses their concerns about their impending matrimonial plans.

The FB updates on marriage, honeymoon pics do influence society deeply. People are more active on Matrimonial sites than on Facebook and Twitter. People are confused about how to write their profile points of interest, should they introduce themselves as the nice, steady, well educated guy that the parents will like or should I go for the cool person write up that the girls will like.

Though by this time one should get wiser, they are still looking for love as a reason to get married. Despite everything they have no idea about the sort of person they need to wed. To act, they do shake off few “politically correct” criteria to others when individuals ask. Deep down they are totally sold on that marrying their perfect partner. Now we can relate to the quote “No woman likes to be loved only for her beauty and no man likes to be loved only for his salary”.

The truly regressive nature of our society reveals itself during marriage discussions. Feeling that eventually all need to take decision through a leap of faith and not through their inner voice as one would like to. The spending lavishly on marriage function is a criminal waste. However, they doubt that they will be able to convince all the “stakeholders” (including the girl) to have a simple and most importantly happy wedding, which Indian marriages seldom are. Indians have a feeling that they will be judged as rigid, radical and someone with no respect for traditions.

The majority of girls are modern enough to raise their voice against dowry; however they are also expecting someone who is sufficient enough to understand their dream wedding ceremony. It is a total chaos with so many people having so many whims and fancies of their own. It takes some courage to put your heart out knowing that it may be kicked around. I know it is not easy being judged for your looks, height, weight, caste, age, educational qualification, salary by some random person. This is one of the biggest platforms to find marriage proposals for any Religion or Community. Some of sites are good and some site just time waste.

Matrimonial sites are in the class of occupation entries and long range informal communication locales as far as enlistments. Since their utility is very constrained in the lifetime of a person.

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Experience With Indian Matrimonial Sites

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