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Farmville Layout Ideas For Facebook Fans

Farmville Layout Ideas For Facebook Fans

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Farmville is one of the most versatile games going. With a simple grid formation you can create your farm in an almost unlimited number of ways, just like a real farm! Here are a few Farmville layout ideas to give you some inspiration.

Inspect Your Neighbours’ Farms Closely

The first thing you should do is to simply look at the farms of your neighbours, especially those who are at intermediate to advanced levels. This can give you a good idea of how to organise your own farm.

To do this, either visit their farm or check out their profile photos as many players have screen captures of their farms stored there.

Decide What Kind Of Farmer You Want To Be?

What is your priority when it comes to your farm?

Do you want it to look nice and to make some good money? Or would you rather optimise it for money? Or do you prefer it to look absolutely perfect and you do not really care about money except to buy more stuff to decorate your farm with?

Going For The Gold

If your priority is making money then you should dedicate the vast majority (ideally 90% or more) of your land to growing crops on. It won’t look pretty stuffing all your animals and trees into a tiny corner but it will make you more money.

If you decide to go via this route then I recommend planting similar crops next to each other. For example, plant all your strawberries next to each other and all your pumpkins next to each other. If you follow this plan then they should all mature for harvest at roughly the same time and you won’t be wasting time moving around your farm and clicking all over the place.

Going For The Show

If you only care about what your farm looks like then you may want to sketch your idea before going ahead and creating it.

Some people use Photoshop, a spreadsheet or even regular grid-lined paper to sketch out and modify their ideas before going ahead and buying and placing the stuff they want.

If you need more inspiration for your layout and your neighbour’s farms just are not giving you what you need then check out the official Zynga Farmville forum. There are several threads (including one with over 600 pages) where people are showing off their farms.

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Farmville Layout Ideas For Facebook Fans

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