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Fishing Tackle Review: Shimano Alivio 2500RB Reel

Fishing Tackle Review: Shimano Alivio 2500RB Reel


Much like many hobbies, the gear associated with fishing is usually just as significant as the activity of fishing itself. Fishermen all over the place receive lots of satisfaction from looking for fishing tackle in shops, in catalogues and also on the net. One of the very best facets of searching the internet for tackle specials is that you’ll also come across evaluations from other fishermen that have used the item(s) under consideration. Taking that into consideration, Let me offer a short write-up on a terrific and reasonably priced reel hailing from business leader Shimano: the Alivio 2500RB.

Key Features of the Shimano Alivio 2500RB Reel

the superior quality and popular features of this solid, trustworthy reel from Shimano belie its sensible selling price, which ranges from about £21.00 to about £32.00. While the visual appeal of a reel isn’t really all that essential to me, I truly do admire the 2500RB’s sleek, stealthy design, a matte black, burnished metal, along with the grey and chrome colour scheme. Likewise the rear body armour has lots of stylishness. This is one low priced reel which clearly does not look it! Part of the Shimano P3 production, the 2500RB has an especially smooth and specifically manufactured multi-disc rear drag system that is equal to even the most intensely fighting piscine adversary.

More Info On the Alivio 2500RB

This specific reel is filled with well-known Shimano attributes such as Varispeed®, which provides much better line lay via two special gear designs, one of which, astoundingly, is actually square. The reel also offers Super Stopper II®, a characteristic which produces zero free play if your reel is put in the anti-reverse positioning. This makes it possible for micro-fine increment adjustments of quiver tips and bite indicators. Additionally, it speeds hook setting. The specially made Power Roller® element is wonderful with both mono filament and braided line, as it decreases line twist significantly. Dyna Balance® minimises reel wobble, creating overall performance which is magnificently smooth. One more exclusive aspect of the reel is Shimano’s P3 specification. P3 stands for the “power, precision and performance” of the reel’s advanced gearing system. The Alivio 2500RB, just like all other Shimano reels, is accurately assembled to micrometer tolerances that are specified by way of a computer-aid design. All these aspects and functions work together to make the Alivio 2500RB a real standout in its class.

Several Specs

The Alivio 2500RB weighs in at 255 grams, offers one ball bearing as well as one roller bearing. It takes the Shimano RD11178 spool. Line capacity is 240 metres of.20 line, 160 metres of.25 line, and 110 metres of.30 line. This translates to 200 yards of 6 lb. test line, 140 yards of 8 lb, and 120 yards of 10 lb. Its gear ratio is 4.6:1. This reel is built on Shimano’s trustworthy XT7 body and will take the Shimano RD11178 aluminium spool. You might want to pair this specific reel with a Shimano fishing rod to obtain maximum power, command and steadiness. This reel truly does have an unequalled variety of features.

I’m pleased to recommend the Shimano Alivio 2500RB to any fisherman who is hunting for a reasonably-priced reel with superior overall performance.

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Fishing Tackle Review: Shimano Alivio 2500RB Reel

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