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How to Increase Your YouTube Views Legitimately

How to Increase Your YouTube Views Legitimately

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YouTube is currently ranked #4 on Alexa’s web ranking list. Do you know what this means? It means that YouTube is the 4th largest web site in the entire world! With approximately 1 billion views each day, YouTube if used properly, can be a gold mine for traffic in any niche. Many high ranking videos attract hundreds and even thousands of views each day. There are many videos on YouTube that earn marketers hundreds or even thousands of dollars each day using their partnership program. With all these people watching videos online, many wonder how they can use YouTube to bring them exposure, money and even fame as it has lead many amateur and unsigned artists to be discovered.

YouTube has forever revolutionized the video marketing industry. Videos rank at the top of Google’s search engine, even before web search results. Think of it this way, with SEO you need to build a web site, a reputation, optimize, backlinks, blogs and spend insane amounts of money to rank #1. In video marketing, all you need is 1 thing. VIEWS! The most viewed videos will show up on top and over power all the little videos, even on the Google search engine. It’s a lot simpler to optimize a video as opposed to a web site.

Having your videos hover at the top of search results will bring targeted traffic to your web site, earn you subscribers, get people talking and most of all, put money in your bank account! Think of all the money you can make with YouTube just by ranking your videos at the top of your niches keywords. You don’t need to build backlinks and perform expensive SEO techniques. All you need is a good video that is properly put together with a catchy title and lots of views. It’s just 2 simple things that will get your videos on the first page of search results.

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How to Increase Your YouTube Views Legitimately

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