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Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

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Why Professional Translation Services?

Something that many of us take for granted is the ability to communicate. In English speaking countries like the United States, England, Canada and Australia it is becoming more and more common to meet others with whom we cannot communicate. Non English speaking minorities’ populations are exploding and international trade is on the rise. As the world flattens and our daily activities require more interaction with non English speaking people for regular activities and business effective communication becomes very important.

There are different translation services and tools available to you but which one to choose. If you’ve ever played the game telephone where you have a line of people and the first gives the second a message and the second whispers it to the third. The message is passed on until it reaches the end and the last person reveals the message. The message is 9 out of 10 times severely distorted. One can see that even in one’s own language it is difficult to protect the integrity of a message. How much more important is it is the stakes are increased and you are dealing with your health, legal matters, government documents or business documents like marketing materials or website intended to reach non English speaking customers.

So what kinds of translation options are available? Often times we look for the easiest and cheapest option when looking for a service or product. Here is a list of options and explanations regarding their effectiveness.

Free computer translation tool – These tools are OK for translating short paragraphs to get the basic idea of message but are absolutely terrible for accuracy. Here’s an example of a translation using Microsoft words translation function. I will write the original message, translate it to French and then back to English and you will see how much it changes.

Mary requested that the doctor take an additional blood sample to check for problems. Mary is concerned about her health.

English: Mary requested that the doctor take an additional blood sample to check for problems. Mary is concerned about her health.

English to French Translation: Mary a invité que la prise de docteur un échantillon additionnel de sang pour vérifier les problèmes. Mary est préoccupée par sa santé.

French to English Translation: Mary invited that the catch of doctor an additional sample of blood to check the problems. Mary is worried by his health.

As you can see the message was severely altered and in an important health matter this could affect the quality of treatment a patient would receive.

Friend, Family member or College student – This is a better option than a free computer or online translation tool. However, just because someone speaks a foreign language doesn’t mean that they are good at converting it accurately to another language. Additionally, there are many technical words, words with multiple meanings and idiomatic phrases that cannot be translated directly that can be problematic .

Professional Translator – When you are in need of an accurate translation for any situation. It may be to translate an ancestor’s diary, a literary text, academic papers, legal documents, marketing brochures or product manuals. Whatever your needs are if you want an accurate translation completed then you should most certainly seek out a professional translator. Why you ask. Professional translators are word geeks and live for their work. They take into consideration all of the different options and find the best words to accurately express the originally intended message.

They have received training, gotten degrees, been certified by a translation authority and or have years of experience.

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Professional Translation Services

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