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Sell Your New and Used Books on eBay’s Sister Website

Sell Your New and Used Books on eBay’s Sister Website

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One of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to get started with your own online e-commerce business is to sell books on eBay’s sister site.

Getting your own seller account is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure, if you already have an eBay account it is even easier because you can always simply add an account to the sister site from your existing eBay account.

One of the big advantages of selling new and used books on eBay and it’s sister site is that they already have the stock information for most modern books in their data base, and all you have to do is enter the ISBN number or title to see if stock information is available for your book. If it is and you decide to list it for sale then all that you need to do is describe in a few words concisely but accurately the actual condition of your copy, all of the rest of the information: The publisher, the author, the publication date and frequently even a stock picture of the book is automatically added to your listing.

Another great advantage of selling books on eBay’s sister site as apposed to selling on one of the many other book selling sites is that you don’t have to pay a listing fee, a maintenance fee or any fee at all until you actually sell your book, at which time you pay a flat commission fee. Even this is fairly painless because eBay’s sister site collects the payment for the book from the buyer, deducts their fee and then pay you the remainder of the money. Payments are made to you by direct deposit into your checking account twice a month, details of which you will have to furnish when you establish your account. Your balance is calculated on the 15th of each month and on the last day of each month.

eBay at one time even considered shutting down this media selling website hoping that the sellers would transfer their inventories to eBay stores. When they saw their sellers migrating instead to other sites like ABE and Amazon they changed their minds and decided in the end to retain

You can of course also sell your books and other media on eBay itself in an auction, a fixed price listing or you can open and eBay store to list your inventory. You can even combine a traditional eBay auction and a fixed price listing by adding a buy it now feature to an auction listing.

There are quite a few different sites on the Internet where you can sell used books and media. Amazon is the biggest but there are others like: ABE, Alibris, Biblio and a number of others. Sellers who start out on half frequently end up selling on some these other sites as well.

Some sites only allow books to be listed on their site, other sites allow you to sell other media like: CDs, DVDs, video tapes, computer video games and software titles. is one of the sites that allows its members to sell many different types of media.

Some people sell their books exclusively just through just one site while other people list their inventory on several sites at the same time. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing this. The Major advantage is more exposure for your inventory resulting in more sales. One disadvantage is that sometimes you will sell the same book on several sites in the same day when you only have the one copy. You then have to cancel orders, disappointing customers, which is never a good thing to have to do. Another disadvantage is that most of the online book selling sites require a monthly fee and so if you sell the same inventory on several different sites you’re paying several monthly listing fees.

There are a number of companies that market software and also provide a service for listing and maintaining inventories across several different sites simultaneously. This service/software of course involves yet another monthly fee.

Book prices can change a lot, usually, but not always falling. For some particular books, copies are added and sold daily, even hourly with some of the more popular titles. In order to remain competitive sellers have to frequently re-price their inventory. You need to price your books low enough to remain competitive, but you also don’t want to lose money or “leave money on the table” by selling them too cheaply. Book prices are fixed purely by supply and demand, rising when demand exceeds supply or as is more frequently the case falling as supply exceeds demand. If you only have a few hundred books then it’s a simple but slightly tedious task to run through and re-price them manually. If you have a few thousand titles, there is software available to automate this process which you may consider but, then again, this also involves another monthly fee.

If you do decide to start an on-line business selling books on I think that you will find it to be very interesting, quite profitable and a lot of fun and I wish you every success in your new e-commerce venture.

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Sell Your New and Used Books on eBay’s Sister Website

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