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Send Free Traffic to Website Via Twitter

Send Free Traffic to Website Via Twitter

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Twitter is a great tool, and it helps a webmasters a great deal in sending free traffic to website. It is one of the most remarkable finding of the online world. If use it properly, you can get a lot of free website traffic for your website. In this article, I will tell you how.

How to use Twitter to get free traffic to website

  • You need to follow the following step too get free website traffic from twitter.
  • Open a twitter account with a real name. Keeping the website name or keyword in the name is not a good idea
  • Use the main keyword or website name as the username
  • Upload a picture of an individual in the designated section. It will help the followers identify the person on the other end.
  • Write interesting content on the website
  • Cultivate the followers. Do not follow free porn, Lotto, make money online, Acai berries, and keep them at bay.
  • Maintain a good follower ratio, and do not follow everyone automatically. This will get you nothing just the spam followers.
  • Open a account.
  • Keep your eye on the follower to conversion ratio. It means how many people click on the link that you post. You can do this using your account.
  • Write eye-catching tweets
  • Must add call to action in your tweets
  • Search for the keywords related to your niche and see what kind of tweets people are writing. Follow the ones that appear many times.
  • Install a retweet plug-in in your website to get free website traffic.
  • Encourage people to retweet your tweets
  • Track the result and find what worked and why, and reuse the formula.

Along with helping you get free traffic to website, twitter can also work as a great tool to keep your regular visitors apprised about the development in their favorite website.

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Send Free Traffic to Website Via Twitter

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