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The Blue-Fronted Amazon is Preferred Over the Orange Winged Amazon

The Blue-Fronted Amazon is Preferred Over the Orange Winged Amazon

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The Orange Winged Amazon use to be more common in the bird rearing world, but it seems lately that they are being left behind for the other more popular colorful Amazons. Those who have them would disagree; they still are infatuated with them while others would rather have the Yellow-naped or the Blue-fronted Amazon.
Because of its size and color the Orange Winged is often mistaken for the Blue-fronted Amazon but true lovers of this parrot would tell you the difference, such as the Orange Winged has a blue mask, while the Blue-fronted has blue that reaches from the cere (that is the thick skin at the base of the upper beak which contains the bird’s nostrils) to the eye-ring, where the blue stops. They both have yellow on the face also, however the Blue-fronted yellow does not expand to the cere like it does on the Orange Winged and both of their bodies are mostly green. They both range from 13 to 14 inches in length while the Blue fronted maybe a bit bigger. So at a glance you might not be able to tell which is which but seeing a photo of the two together or up close and personal you would be able to tell the difference.
One would think because of his name the “Orange Winged Amazon”; to look at him you would see orange wings he does have orange feathers in the wings and tail, which can be seen when he is flying or when he spreads his wings but not so much when he is sitting still. The Blue-fronted gets his name because of the blue marking on its head just above its beak.
The Blue-fronted Amazon is commonly seen as a pet. Their talking capability depends on each individual parrot. They seem to have a liking for singing and mimicking other birds. They have a need for interaction but also can entertain themselves for several hours given the right toys and climbing room. 
The Orange Winged Amazon is calm in nature but can be strong-willed at times. He is not recognized for his talking abilities however some are able to lean a few words. They are more apt to mimic sounds and whistles of others. They are social and require interaction with other birds or with their owners. They seem to prosper better when not left alone. They both feed mostly on nuts and seeds and should be supplemented by some sort of leafy greens.
In the right home both of these parrots can make excellent pets. One needs to remember that they have need of interactions with their owners and by all means as with any parrot they are not low maintenance. They need a cage that has enough room that they can move around in and also to be able to spread their wings. Their dietary requirements should consist of seeds, grains fruits and vegetables and of course water.  Other basics should include suitable toys to play with and chew on and some time out of their cage if at all possible. 
Parrots can be very expensive to care for, some are easier to raise than others, and some can be very destructive, and loud.  When given proper housing, the appropriate nutrition, plenty of exercise, and socialization both the Blue-fronted and the Orange Winged can in all probability live a very long time are you up for the challenge? 

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The Blue-Fronted Amazon is Preferred Over the Orange Winged Amazon

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