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Tweet Adder 3.0 Review

Tweet Adder 3.0 Review

john hagee august 30 2016

Tweet Adder is downloadable software to help maximise your Twitter account. Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites to grace this planet with millions of people having a Twitter account ranging from celebrities to business owners. Twitter is fun and profitable to run but the downfall is that it takes time to make your account grow and gather yourself a following and a good reputation. This is where tweet Adder 3 takes play.

This piece of software will automate many things on your Twitter account which includes following users, unfollowing users, sending tweets and sending direct messages. As you can see this allows you more time to concentrate on other things within your business. I want to highlight the good things I found.

1. This is great to target specific users within Twitter getting targeted traffic to your site.

2. It runs in the background so it’s working for you while you are doing other tasks and you can have multiple accounts with tweet Adder.

3. You can manage the settings to your liking, when to send out the tweets how many people to follow, unfollow per day. I would say you don’t automate it so its sending out tweets at 4am then your followers will know you are using a automated service, you don’t want to seem like a robot.

4. It is very affordable and is just a one off payment.

I want to point out a few things with tweet Adder. I wouldn’t automate everything, people will pick up on it and you will come across as a robot, you want your followers to know you are a real person who can give real value. Also another tip is make sure you choose your tweets carefully don’t just tweet your product or your services every 10mins Twitter users will get sick of this and unfollow you. Twitter is here to network with people, make sure you offer them value, let your followers get to know you more this will build more trust and you can build some kind of relationship with your users. This will make you see great results in the long run.

Tweet Adder is a great piece of software for business owners, I wouldn’t really use it for friends or family. If you run a business or struggling to gain followers with your Twitter account then tweet Adder 3 is for you.

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Tweet Adder 3.0 Review

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