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Twitter Money – 10 Sure Fire Steps on How to Make Money Using Twitter

Twitter Money – 10 Sure Fire Steps on How to Make Money Using Twitter

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Now I know a lot of folks have asked me is it possible to make money using, and the answer I give them in all sincerity is very simple, yes and no.

You might be wondering why the two answers, and that’s because, there is every possibility of abusing it making the authors or programmers to banning you because of spamming and also yes you can achieve a great lot using the latest social network tool, twitter.

I would like to approach this issue using 10 steps, the strategies used to making money from twitter, the do’s and the don’ts, here’s how.

1. for every first timer if you are new to twitter this is a must for every one, you need to register a twitter account, now the truth is you can have multiple twitter accounts for multiple reasons, you can have a personal twitter account, if you are a niche blogger, like me you can register a niche blog for a different reason if you don’t want the wrong kind of people or to say to follow the right kind of people on that account; I will talk more on follower ship.

2. According to a recent survey about 25% of twitter users don’t use or follow up with their twitter updates as a matter of urgency it is rare to see all your follower coming to using their twitter account about twice or thrice every month. Well there are two ways to gaining followers, like I said earlier you can follow people who have interest in the kind of niche you are interested in for example, car racing or horse racing or weight lose niche. These are different niches people are involved it on twitter a you can search on them using # term first to search. The interesting thing about twitter is that the more you follow, the more people will follow you.

3. once you have sought that out, you need to ask yourself what kind of message do you want to post on your twitter account, but first before you try promoting anything always try to build a positive relationship with your twitter followers, on way in doing this is by retweeting what they say in a pleasant way, retweeting is probably the easiest way in building any relationship with those who you follow or those that follow you. Then just maybe after that relationship has been built you can then tweet on that product of yours.

4. One great thing I love to achieve on my twitter page is generating traffic to my website or blog, you can write great content or articles on your blog and then send a line or two about that post of yours on twitter, if it’s an interesting post you can be sure of gaining tremendous traffic from your twitter friends, who would love to read a post of yours. A great lesson for you will be writing content and building relationships using your contents on your twitter post, this way you can be sure of getting a few pat on the back on every post.

5. Twitter Application tools: Great for business, you can be sure of gaining tremendous follower ship, with such application tools it will be easy for you to find people who you can follow, a good example of such is twellow, mrtweet, grader etc. This tools can help and each with its own unique feature.

6. Twitter competitions: wow! I love this one and I bet you you can bring in a game or two to your followers by asking them to participate in a game, I’ve tried this and honestly that has helped a great lot, you might be wondering what kind of game can you introduce, well lets take this for an example, imagine asking your friends you would love to write a book of not more than 10 words and the rules are no use of the word “that” and any foul language e.g ‘I am about to write a text of about 10 words’, your follwers can follow up with ‘and we hope it will be exciting but didn’t the..’ you get it this will definitely bring in excitement to your account.

7. Send a mail to your mailing list: Most of your mailing list has a twitter account and you can send them a mail inviting them to follow you on twitter and then you can add up an incentive by adding that anyone one who follows you, you will not only follow back but also give them a free gift may be an eBook on a particular niche, that way you are building a lit of potential money making persons to your account.

8. Product recommendation: you can write a recommendation post on your account asking folks on your network to go check out this product or do a one liner product review.

9. Send a greetings message: wow, when is Christmas or Easter coming, you can send them your friends a great season greeting, possibly a URL gift link with it, you are sure to making some resounding efforts on building your followers.

10. Your Product: Alas! The product is ready to be promoted, you can sell your product page to your followers, this will be a better way to gain confidence to your followers after you must have followed these rules

Always be careful not to promote or tweet about products, no one will take you serious and if you build a great time and confidence to your list you can be sure of making money from your twitter account.

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Twitter Money – 10 Sure Fire Steps on How to Make Money Using Twitter

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