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YouTube Traffic – How to Get Free Web Traffic With YouTube (Part 1)

YouTube Traffic – How to Get Free Web Traffic With YouTube (Part 1)

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Who Else Wants To Generate Free Traffic With YouTube?

Yes, there a number of ways you can generate traffic on YouTube. The only problem is that most marketers get it all wrong and tell you about how you can make your YouTube video to be web 2.0 compliant.

In fact, all you ever really need to do is to have a basic understanding on how marketing with YouTube works. Then, with this understanding use it to your best of abilities to generate traffic to your site.

Step 1: Create An Account With YouTube

Upon joining YouTube you will be given a free account and that will mark the start of all the fun. Your account also acts like a virtual mailbox and gives you the benefits of being able to add and share videos with anyone around the globe.

Of course, you can only share the videos that you make to others. If you want others to see what you are seeing you can mark some video’s as in your ‘favourites’ tab. Now, if you do decide to create an advertising for your site then make sure its creative so people will want to find out more about you.

Step 2: Interacting With Other YouTuber’s

One nice thing about YouTube is that it acts very much like a social networking site. It has a group functionality feature that will enable you to kind of like create a ‘virtual group discussion’ that others can join in .

Like a mini-forum if you may. Apart from that, you can also choose to join other groups that have been created on YouTube and this gives you the ability to view their videos as well. They can view your videos too and that gives you even more exposure.

Step 3: Increasing Your Exposure

Quickly increase your YouTube exposure by uploading more and more videos of your own and get them all over YouTube. Be sure to provide good nifty content though and not just unrelated spam messages in video mode.

Feeds can also be created to go directly to your YouTube account and then people can ‘subscribe to your feed’. A feed is important for more exposure because people will get updated notification about your latest work and current activities in YouTube, namely on your own business.

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YouTube Traffic – How to Get Free Web Traffic With YouTube (Part 1)

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